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Public Reference Collection


Herbarium specimens: Currently the Public Reference Collection contains specimens of about 2000 species. These specimens initially cover the native and naturalised flora of the Wet Tropics of far north Qld (primarily trees, shrubs and vines) but in time will include specimens of other plant life forms and vegetation communities.

Literature: A collection of books and other publications relevant to the flora of far north Queensland

CD keys: Interactive keys for the identification of plant specimens, and more detailed descriptive information and notes. Keys available include:

  • Australian Tropical Rain Forest Plants Key – for identification of trees, shrubs and vines

  • EUCLIDEucalyptus identification key for all of Australia

  • AusGrass – grass identification key for all of Australia

  • WattleAcacia identification key for all of Australia

  • Pea Key – legume (Fabaceae) identification key for all of Australia

  • The Families of Flowering Plants of Australia – key for identification of Australian flowering plants to family

  • Key to the Malesian Species of Ficus – fig identification key for the region to Australia’s north. Note this may not include some Australian species.

  • Environmental Weeds of Australia – an interactive identification and information resource for over 1000 invasive plants

  • Suburban and Environmental Weeds of South-East Queensland – an identification and information system for those who want to identify weeds commonly found in suburban areas of South-East Queensland

Computer: For using the CD keys and for accessing relevant on-line internet resources and information

Please note: If the assistance of ATH staff is required to identify your specimens there may be a service charge levied.