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Theme 5 – Unlocking Our Knowledge

Plant Identification Workshops

Team: Frank Zich ATH, Stuart Worboys ATH, Darren Crayn ATH, Ellen Weber WTMA, Steve Goosem WTMA, Betsy Jackes JCU.

Interactive plant identification keys are used in workshop mode to provide practical hands-on training for informed members of the wet tropics community e.g. land managers, students, NGO groups to learn and develop skills in plant identification techniques. These workshops generate community interest and awareness and appreciation of the diverse and unique local and regional flora, and will provide a forum for the community to provide feedback on the Rain Forest Key. More info.

Australian Tropical Rainforest Plants – Information System

Team: Frank Zich ATH, Judy West CSIRO, Siobhan Duffy CSIRO

The “Australian Tropical Rain Forest Plants - Information System” a.k.a. the Rain Forest Key, or RFK is an interactive multiple-entry identification and information system for over 2500 species of plants. A total of 138 characters, covering morphology - habit, bark, leaves, flowers, fruits and seedlings - and some geographic and ecological information ensure reliability and power of the key is high. Illustrated help notes assist with interpretation of characters. Plant images help to confirm identification. To the key.

Australian Tropical Rainforest Ferns Interactive Identification Key

Team: Ashley Field (DERM/ATH), Chris Quinn (ATH) and Frank Zich (ATH/CSIRO)

The rainforests of tropical Australia are home to over 300 fern and lycopod species, many of which are rare and threatened or in some cases difficult to identify from presently available resources. This project is developing an interactive LUCID based identification and information system for the ferns and lycopods of the tropical Australian rainforest to be publically available via the net.