Bachelor of Arts (French Foundation)

A degree in French will give you a deeper understanding of France, its language, culture and history. The Foundation French program is suitable for students who have not previously studied the language.

Course summary
Campus Townsville; Cairns
Duration 3 years full time
Part time available
Midyear Entry Yes
OP/Rank 2015 19/60
CRICOS code 010346B
Prerequisites English

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La vie est belle!

French is spoken by more than 260 million people, making it the fifth most widely spoken language on the planet. Francophone culture has penetrated broadly and deeply in our region, particularly in South-East Asia (Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam) and the Pacific (New Caledonia, the New Hebrides and French Polynesia). As well, it is widely spoken in Africa, particularly in North Africa and tropical Africa.

France is also the proud owner of one of the world’s truly great literatures, from the Middle Ages to the existentialist movement of the twentieth century.

In a nutshell, the French language is rich in culture and history and a popular choice for students wishing to master a second language. Better still, at James Cook University you do not need a background in language to be part of the action. The French program at JCU is diverse and caters to both students with prior exposure to the language as well as complete beginners.

Get the most out of your studies

James Cook University’s Bachelor of Arts (Foundation French) is designed to give you a deeper understanding of the French language and culture through a Bachelor of Arts framework.

In addition to language studies you can also study other subject areas of interest such as science, literature or politics. This variety of subjects gives you a range of joint degree options for enhanced career opportunities.

Study in France

As well as using online technologies and literature to gain a perspective of what life is really like in the country of your specialisation, you are also encouraged to complete an in-country component to your studies. You can travel overseas in 3rd year to France or New Caledonia to study and learn about French in context.

Career options

Graduating students gain employment in a variety of roles, including:

  • diplomacy

  • translation

  • trade negotiations

  • tourism

  • teaching

  • librarianship

  • armed forces.

Joint degree options

Joint degrees give students expertise in a complementary discipline in reduced time and can enhance career prospects. At JCU the Bachelor of Arts degree can be combined as a joint degree in:

*Not available with all Arts majors.

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