Bachelor of Arts (Political Science)

If youre interested in politics and world affairs, this program is for you. Political Science brings together the study of government and politics with international relations. Graduates pursue careers as politicians, diplomats, researchers and consultants.

Course summary
Campus Townsville; Cairns; External
Duration 3 years full time
Part time available
Midyear Entry Yes
OP/Rank 2015 19/60
CRICOS code 010346B
Prerequisites English

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The Perfect Mix

Political Scientists are at the forefront of analysing and providing strategic advice on domestic and international affairs and policy. It’s not just about politics; it’s also about history, international affairs, relations and analysis.

Going Global

Political Science is the study of political processes and cultures in different countries and the analysis of relations between nation states.

You will explore international affairs from political, historical, economic and legal perspectives while at the same time examining the complex interactions between the domestic and international affairs of nations.

Politics is Everywhere

Debate, diplomacy, rule-making and dispute resolution takes place all around us – in our everyday life and on a grander scale in the world of global politics and policy-making. Politics isn’t just parliament – it’s real life, and your skills will be useful in many, many places.

Study online

If you choose to study online, you will:

  • download podcasts and slideshows of lectures

  • participate in weekly quizzes and questions

  • participate in web based tutorials

  • download readings

  • participate in online discussion boards.

Assessment is done via

  • weekly quizzes

  • participation in online discussion boards

  • essays

  • online exams (sometimes physical exams are held in a location close to you).

Getting to Work

Graduates from our Political Science degree pursue careers as:

  • diplomats

  • researchers

  • consultants

  • advisors.

Political scientists are employed in a range of sectors, including:

  • local, regional, national and international government sectors

  • primary industries, such as agriculture, mining

  • new industries, such as financial, legal, information and environmental services

  • a range of not-for-profit sectors.

In fact, all businesses and communities use political processes and strategies so the options really are endless for graduates.

Professional recognition

Graduates can apply for membership of the Australian Political Science Studies Association and the International Political Studies Association

Joint degree options

Joint degrees give students expertise in a complementary discipline in reduced time and can enhance career prospects. At JCU the Bachelor of Arts degree can be combined as a joint degree in:

*Not available with all Arts majors.

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