Bachelor of Occupational Therapy - Flexible Delivery mode

Occupational therapists are health professionals who assist people to overcome limitations caused by injury or illness, psychological or emotional difficulties, developmental delay or the effects of ageing.

Course summary
Campus External
Duration 4 years full time
Part time available
Midyear Entry No
OP/Rank 2015 14/69
Prerequisites English; plus one of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Physical Education or Health Education

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Would you gain great satisfaction from enhancing quality of life for others? As an occupational therapist you can help people of all ages improve their everyday functioning and independence.

Flexible study options

JCU is the only university in Australia to offer flexible first-year delivery of the Bachelor of Occupational Therapy. You can complete your studies from home or an external location.

You will study for the first year of your degree through:

  • online learning packages

  • minimal compulsory practical classes on-campus

  • one week (26 hour) fieldwork placement.

In second year of study, 2 of the 4 subjects each semester are also offered via flexible delivery mode. This may assist in students transitioning into full time on campus study.

For some this could mean some subjects are studied on campus and some subjects are still studied via flexible delivery mode. Another option for some students may be part time in year 2 of their studies enabling them to continue studying from an external location for longer.

All 3rd and 4th year subjects are only offered on campus.

What you will learn

Our Bachelor of Occupational Therapy gives you work-ready skills in:

  • human performance and occupation

  • professional theory, practice and management

  • health science and promotion

  • industry research and evaluation

  • social and cultural impacts of functional impairment

  • biological and behavioural sciences.

You’ll also enjoy career-building benefits with:

  • practical urban and rural work experience

  • clinical experience at our on-campus occupational therapy clinic

  • international exchange opportunities with Nepal and Vietnam.

Occupational Therapy with a unique rural focus

Barriers to engagement in important and meaningful occupation can arise at any life stage due to:

  • injury or illness

  • psychological or emotional difficulties

  • developmental delay

  • aging

  • environmental and contextual issues.

JCU has a unique location in north Queensland characterised by a tropical climate and rich cultural heritage. Our Bachelor of Occupational Therapy places strong focus on skill development for working in rural practice.

You’ll gain distinctive experience working with Indigenous and remote communities that you won’t find anywhere else.

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