Apply now

Just visit the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre website, and follow their instructions. Take note of the QTAC code for this course. You’ll need it to complete your application.

  • Townsville – 316109

Will I get in?

You need to have successfully completed:

  • Queensland Year 12 English or the interstate equivalent.

  • One of the following: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Physical education, or Health education

You need a Queensland Overall Position (OP) or equivalent interstate selection rank high enough to secure a place in the course.

The OP and Rank shown on the course homepage were for entry into this course at the start of this year, but they may change in the future.

When can I start?

You can start studying this course in February. Part-time study is available to domestic students only.

This website is intended as general guide. Prospective students should contact the university to confirm admission requirements and the availability of courses. James Cook University reserves the right to alter any course or admission requirement without prior notice.