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Course Structure

Level 1 (First Year)

Teaching Period 1 (First Half Year)

BM1031:03 Anatomy and Physiology for Occupational Therapy 1

OT1011:03 Introduction to Occupation and Occupational Therapy

RH1002:03 Communication Skills for Health Professionals

RH1004:03 Allied Health Professionals in the Health Environment

Teaching Period 2 (Second Half Year)

BM1032:03 Anatomy and Physiology for Occupational Therapy 2

OT1012:03 Enabling Occupation through Partnerships

HS1003:03 Lifespan Development for Health A

HS1401:03 Health and Health Care in Australia

Level 2 (Second Year)

Teaching Period 1 (First Half Year)

HS2402:03 Health Professional Research 1

HS2403:03 Health Promotion for Health Professionals

OT2015:06 Physical and Cognitive-neurological Determinants of Occupation

Teaching Period 2 (Second Half Year)

HS2401:03 Rural and Remote Primary and Public Health Care

OT2013:03 Psycho-emotional Determinants of Occupation

OT2014:03 Contextual Determinants of Occupation

RH2002:03 Clinical Medicine for Therapy

Level 3 (Third Year)

Teaching Period 1 (First Half Year)

HS3401:03 Health Professional Research 2

OT3001:03 Occupational Therapy Independent Study

OT3011:03 Enhancing Practice Capabilities

OT3012:03 Professional Practice Preparation

Teaching Period 2 (Second Half Year)

OT3004:06 Rural and Urban Practice 1 or OT3007:06 Rural and Urban Practice Perspectives [for graduate entry students]

OT3005:06 Rural and Urban Practice 2 or OT3104:06 Rural and Urban Practice for Graduates [for graduate entry students]

Level 4 (Fourth Year)

Teaching Period 1 (First Half Year)

OT4001:12 Advanced Rural or Urban Practice or OT4006:12 Advanced Rural and Urban Practice Perspectives [for graduate entry students]

Teaching Period 2 (Second Half Year)

OT4002:03 Contemporary Issues for Health Professionals

OT4003:03 Health Law and Ethics, Reflective Practice

OT4004:03 Advanced Professional Practice

TM4401:03 Health, Policy and Planning






Expected time to complete

4 years full-time or equivalent part-time

Maximum time to complete

7 years

Maximum leave of absence

3 years


Course progression requisites

Must successfully complete all level 1 subjects before attempting any level 3 and level 4 subjects.

Course includes mandatory professional placement(s)

This course includes prescribed professional or clinical placements. Students may be required to undertake such placements away from the campus at which they are enrolled, at their own expense. (Note: health professional courses generally involve extensive professional or clinical placements).

Special assessment requirements

Refer to Review of a Student’s Suitability to Continue a Course Involving Placement policy.

Accreditation requirements


Maximum allowed Pass Conceded (PC) grade


Supplementary exam for final subject

Not applicable

Advanced Standing


Candidates may apply for advanced standing for previous tertiary study in accordance with the Advanced Standing and Articulation policy and associated procedures.

Maximum allowed

63 credit points


Advanced standing will be granted only for studies completed in the 10 years prior to the commencement of this course.


Advanced standing gained for any subject shall be cancelled 17 years after the date of the examination upon which the advanced standing is based if, by then, the candidate has not completed this course.

Other restrictions

A maximum of 18 credit points of advanced standing may be granted at level 3 or 4.

Award Details

Award title


Approved abbreviation


Inclusion of majors on testamur

Not applicable - this course does not have majors

Exit with lesser award

Not applicable

Course articulation

Not applicable


Honours availability

Embedded honours available


At the start of level 3, the Head of School will invite selected students to enter the honours program.

Eligible candidates must obtain a grade of at least Credit for all subjects from the first two levels.

A quota on entry into the honours program may be applied depending on the availability of supervisors.

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