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  • Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery 
    The Bachelor of Medicine / Bachelor of Surgery is a six-year, full time undergraduate degree in medicine and surgery. It is the only full medical course in northern Australia.
  • Bachelor of Science (Marine Biology) Bachelor of Science (Marine Biology) 
    Marine biologists study the living resources of the world's oceans and coastal seas. Training in marine biology is central to understanding, protecting and managing these diverse ecosystems and evaluating human impact on the marine environment.
  • Bachelor of Engineering Bachelor of Engineering 
    Engineers combine mathematics and science with communication, critical thinking and management skills to design and develop products and solutions for real world problems. From designing computer chips to constructing dams – engineers work to advance society.
  • Bachelor of Nursing Science Bachelor of Nursing Science 
    Nursing is the science of professional caring and offers a wide variety of employment opportunities to promote and restore health, to prevent illness and to alleviate suffering
  • Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education) Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education) 
    Qualify to teach students in Prep to Year Three with this flexible course. Study online or on campus, and make a difference in the lives of young children during their early years of schooling.
  • Bachelor of Business (Accounting) Bachelor of Business (Accounting) 
    Accounting is a dynamic field of study and remains at the core of every business. Today's accountants are problem solvers, business advisors and much more. This program is for students wishing to become professionally qualified accountants.
  • Bachelor of Laws Bachelor of Laws 
    Graduates of the Bachelor of Laws qualify for admission to practise law in Queensland. JCU Law graduates are highly valued by the profession in our region, across Australia and overseas.
  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery Bachelor of Dental Surgery 
    Dentistry is a rapidly changing, expanding profession. Employment prospects for Dentists are excellent, especially in the public sector and in rural areas.