Advantages and disadvantages of trees/shrubs.

  • Well chosen healthy trees can protect buildings and people.

  • Trees can intercept debris which may otherwise become a flying missile.

  • Well chosen plants offer protection for other plants and objects.

  • Well chosen trees or plantings will protect stream banks in times of floods.

  • Well chosen trees reduce shoreline and landscape damage.

  • Poorly chosen trees or a tree in the wrong place as up against a building give other trees a bad name.

  • Fallen trees may affect power lines etc, so check the height of the trees being planted.

  • Fallen trees and branches incur clean-up costs.

  • Remember we do need trees for shade at other times, so choice, height and position are most important.

  • Native trees and shrubs are particularly important for attracting wildlife. Birds often reduce insect pests on garden plants.

Image of fallen trees

Fallen trees incur clean-up costs