Eradicating ecocide

Environmental lawyer and activist Polly Higgins will present a free public lecture at James Cook University in Cairns this Monday (12 September).

Ms Higgins is the author of Eradicating Ecocide: Laws and governance to prevent the destruction of our planet.

A barrister and environmental lawyer, she has proposed a United Nations law against ecocide, to be classed as a fifth crime against peace – along with genocide, crimes against humanity, crimes of aggression and war crimes.

She urges the UN to take action to protect the planet by agreeing to law that could see individuals and companies involved in destructive industries facing trials in the International Criminal Court.

She defines ecocide as ‘the extensive damage, destruction to or loss of ecosystems of a given territory (whether by human agency or by other causes) to such an extent that peaceful enjoyment by the inhabitants of that territory has been severely diminished’.

This event is sponsored by JCU’s sustainability program TropEco and the School of Law.

Polly Higgins will speak in the Crowther Lecture Theatre at JCU Cairns on Monday 12 September. She will sign books from 5.30pm and the lecture will begin at 6.00pm. Refreshments will be served after the lecture.

Admission is free but it will assist the organisers if you register at

Issued September 8, 2011

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