Chasing whales, phones, tourists - everything

September 14, 2011: - Academics and students will be discussing a wide range of research projects at a special gathering in Townsville on September 16.

As part of the month-long Celebrating Research @ JCU, the conference will range over topics as diverse as China’s trade balance, swimming with Dwarf Minke whales off the Queensland coast, and how Tibetans view tourists.

James Cook University’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation), Professor Chris Cocklin, said that Celebrating Research was designed to shine the spotlight on research and research training at the University.

“It’s a way of emphasising the importance of these activities to JCU, to acknowledge and reward excellence in research and research training, and to build capacity.

“The JCU community is committed to its role as a research intensive university,” he said.

Professor Gianna .Moscado from JCU’s School of Business, said Friday’s conference - Graduate Research for a Brighter Future – would involve almost 20 presenters outlining their research projects.

She said that the presenters would only have 20 minutes to talk about their projects and the best presentation would be selected.

“We also have a keynote speaker in Associate Professor Ulrike Gretzel from the University of Wollongong who will talk about how internet-enabled mobile phones have fundamentally changed out attitudes to travel and adventure,” Professor Moscado said.

Some of the presentations include:

  • Using Public Private Partnerships in developing countries;

  • Investigating peer-to-peer mobile sharing;

  • Augmented underground visualisation for geologists;

  • Managing coral reef fishery using the Seychelles as an example;

  • Using 3D displays to explain developments to local communities;

  • Using social networks as intelligence gathers in disaster situations;

  • Community well-being and the impact of tourism; and,

  • The need for “health status” reports on the Great Barrier Reef.

Issued: September 14, 2011

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