Building A1 Chancellery Building - Room 129

Flat Tutorial Room

This room seats 50 persons.

a1-129 room
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The room is fitted with following equipment

  • Presenter’s Desk

  • Projectors (Panasonic x2) – ceiling mounted

  • Videoconferencing Unit (Cisco C90) – rack mounted below the presenter’s desk

  • PrecisionHD cameras (Tandberg x2) – presenter and audience cameras

  • Speakers (Bose x2) – wall mounted

  • Flat panel display – ceiling mounted at the rear of the room (view of audience at far end)

  • Microphone (Shure) – mounted on a separate table for the presenter

  • Microphones (x7) – ceiling mounted

  • Wireless Network



Room Telephone Ext:

  • 21101